(Português) Metrô SP – Linha 4 – Gerenciamento Projeto Executivo

Description of the project

When finished, the Linha 4-Amarela – Metrô São Paulo will comprise an extension of 12.8 km and 11 underground Stations whose implementation consists of two phases. 


The first phase dates back to 2004 when the six following Stations began to operate: Butantã, Pinheiros, Faria Lima, Paulista, República and Luz.


The participation of infra7 begins in the second phase where five additional Stations will be integrated: Vila Sônia, São Paulo-Morumbi, Fradique Coutinho, Oscar Freire and Higienópolis-Mackenzie. The maintenance yard of Vila Sônia in the vicinity of Av. Professor Fransisco Morato is awaiting completion.


Integration with the existing subway network occurs on lines 1-Azul (Blue), 2-Verde (Green) and 3-Vermelha (Red), at the stations Luz, Paulista and República, respectively.


Infra7 Performance

As the managing company of the project, infra7 makes use of its know how to guarantee the technical quality needed by a project of great complexity in a built up city. It performs the technical approval in the geotechnical and structural classes of the executive project. 


Main aspects of the Project:

  • Underground stations with diverse constructional methods: NATM, open trench and cover-and-cut;
  • Excavation of shafts with great diameter and depth;
  • Ventilation shafts and emergency exits;
  • Tunnels in NATM;
  • Utilization of the cover-and-cut method on heavy traffic roads.