Facing constant growth of global population and the present necessity of urban mobility, the acceleration in transport infrastructure is one of the greatest challenges to Engineering. In order to meet this demand we count on integrated and sustainable solutions. 

Our technical team has vast expertise in Railway, Subway, Road and Port Systems. Within this expertise we carry and manage projects, such as: route study, bridges, tunnels, viaducts, shafts, trenches, foundations, instrumentation, lowering water table, geological-geotechnical cross sections, risk management, geotechnical and geological investigations.



Mining & Steel Metallurgy


Infra7 offers a number of services for the Mining and Steel Metallurgy industries. Our concept of business is based on the ability of supplying our clients with full consulting services and management for technical-economic feasibility studies development, basic and detailed design and industrial unit implementation.

Our team of professionals has experience to solve complex engineering challenges in this segment, being committed to attend our clients throughout the enterprise life cycle and also guarantee the best investment return.

Aware of environment impact in projects related to mining processing, we assure sustainability and integration in our work in order to obtain the best result possible.




 Considering the extensive industry market in Brazil, it is the responsibility of our team to use their knowledge and high capacity to solve, in an innovative way, the present challenges in this area. Infra7’s offer covers all necessary services for the enterprise infrastructure implementation, including techno-economical feasibility studies, technical consultancy, basic and executive design.




Suzano – Paper and Pulp

Oil & Gas

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Oil & Gas industry experiences a meaningful growth, gaining strength within the Brazilian economy. In view of this context and aware of the technological challenges faced by this segment in the country, our team has technical excellence and commitment to our clients regarding costs and deadlines goals.


We provide integrated and sustainable solutions and our capacity in management guarantees to our clients full services in consulting, engineering, project execution and edge solutions for complex challenges of the project and of all enterprise life cycle, with safety and quality.